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    Clarence Day

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Opportunities and opportunism

Stephen Harper finally mentioned the war in Afghanistan yesterday.  According to The Calgary Herald,

Tim Goddard, whose daughter Capt. Nichola Goddard was killed in the spring of 2006, before Canadians’ support for the mission began to wane, said Thursday he was worried Afghanistan wouldn’t be raised as an issue. He calls it Canada’s most important foreign policy debate.

“I was really hoping that Afghanistan would be a major part of that (election) conversation,” said Goddard, who recently moved from Calgary to take on the role of dean of education at the University of Prince Edward Island.

“The government that’s elected, whatever that might look like and whoever might be in it, is the government that will be leading the conversation in the House about what happens after 2011.”

Last week three infantrymen with Manitoba’s second battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry were killed in Afghanistan; they were Cpl. Andrew Grenon, 23, Cpl. Mike Seggie, 21, and Pte. Chad Horn, 21.  Here’s part of Paul Rutherford in today’s Winnipeg Sun:

I’d like to be able to say I’m going to vote for Stephen Harper.

That way I could ignore the rest of this election campaign and simply emerge on Oct. 14 and mark my ‘X’. …

Harper caught my attention this week by finally rolling out a major issue and talking about it.

I was beginning to think a federal law had been passed banning discussion of important issues during an election campaign.

The six-year so-called “war against terror” in Afghanistan is what I’m talking about. …

A poll taken late last month tells me the majority of Canadians agree with me. Only 30% were prepared to declare the mission a success.

Retired general Lewis McKenzie said: “Canadians understand, per capita, that we are paying more than our fair share.”

So good for Harper for making it an election issue.

“We have to say to the government of Afghanistan, we have an expectation that you are going to be responsible for your own security. We’re not there to permanently manage your security,” Harper told The Canadian Press when he pledged to withdraw troops in 2011.

It may be an old-fashioned view, but troops should only be deployed when aggression threatens our borders or freedoms. George Bush’s war on terror isn’t this at all and Canada’s not a major target.

So, the question remains, can Harper be trusted to keep his word?

That’s my problem with him. Despite the warm and fuzzy TV ads currently airing showing the softer Stephen Harper, he still turns my stomach — as do those ads I might add.

Harper says he’s got no appetite to continue this mission. If that’s the case, pledge to pull the troops out sometime in 2009.

Gee, in that case I might even vote for him.


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